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Tom Hanks is not a man to shy away from a tough sell. Fresh off of an award ceremony filled couple of months, with his nominations coming either from playing the intensely controversial Walt Disney or a schlubby sea-captain, he's returning to the film fray with A Hologram for the King. The movie, adapted from the novel by Dave Eggers, is the story of an American businessman in Saudi Arabia, struggling to make ends meet and survive financially.

It's not the stuff that $100 million opening weekends are made of.

What it is, though, is an entirely intriguing proposition. It re-teams Hanks with his Cloud Atlas director Tom Tykwer - whose segments of the movie were among the more widely praised - with yet another juicy American Everyman part for him to get his teeth into.

Plus, it's Tom Hanks, Hanx himself, and he seems to be constitutionally incapable of being bad in anything. Even back in the 80's.

You can check out the first still from the movie below:

What do you guys think? Will A Hologram for the King continue Hanks' run as America's oldest (and male-est) sweetheart? Let me know below!


Will Hanks continue his run of general lovableness in A Hologram for the King?

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