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The fastest man alive is coming to the CW this fall - and being The Flash, he's heading there fast. The question is - who is this guy with the funny-looking lightning bolt ears - other than Grant Gustin? Well, never fear - we're back again with the five things you absolutely, positively have to know about DC comics' sarcastic speedster.

  • He's more than just a T-Shirt. For many, The Flash's iconic lightning bolt logo is most famous for its appearances on The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper. He's a lot more than merchandising, though - there are few more iconic heroes in comic-dom than the founder member of the Justice League.
  • He's been more than one man. The CW series will focus on Barry Allen, previously introduced in Arrow. In the comics, though, he wasn't the first Flash, nor the last. He was inspired to become a superhero by the original, Jay Garrick, and was later followed into the hero-game by his sidekick Wally West and (alternate universe) grandson Bart Allen. Expect to see Wally turn up at some point, as he's usually portrayed as the nephew of Allen's love interest Iris West (Candace Patton in the show).
  • He's the fastest man alive. Not only that, but he's proved it on several occasions against Superman himself. Henry Cavill probably ought to hit the treadmill just in case.
  • He has no limit on that speed. In the comics, Flash can theoretically run as fast as he can imagine it is possible to - including faster than the speed of light.
  • He has the sort of rogue's gallery that TV shows dream of. The Flash has fought a vast array of villainous, super-powered menaces to society including fan favorites Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master and Weather Wizard. More series-spanning foes are likely to be Captain Cold, a principled, sympathetic man considered by many to be the Flash's true nemesis, and the other competitor for the title, Reverse Flash (with Reverse Flash already confirmed to be appearing). He's even acquired an enemy for the TV series better known for fighting the superhero Firestorm - Killer Frost.

If you want to check the speedster out already - you can do so below, in a new blink and you'll miss it teaser trailer:

What do you guys think? What element of The Flash are you most excited about? Let me know below!


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