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Forget about those High School Musical flicks, Zac Efron is a legitimate badass. With his hilarious role in Neighbors turning heads, Efron stands on the precipice of a huge franchise role. Earlier this year the beautiful blonde manly man was rumored for a lead spot in Star Wars Episode 7. Well, with the recent cast reveal, we know Efron’s been left out that Galaxy hopping affair, but he’s up for another Disney franchise. We’re not sure which role, but the rumor mill claims Marvel wants him.

The source states that Efron’s…

“looked at for unspecified role in an upcoming Marvel Studios project.”

Thank god. I’ve been a massive Efron fan ever since I watched 17 Again! The dude was absolutely hilarious in that flick.

Now, Marvel’s got a few projects on their slate. Of their future films, we know Ant-Man’s cast is pretty stacked, but Doctor Strange has no names attached. Let’s not forget the Netflix Defenders series, either. With marquis names like Kevin Spacey and Jason Bateman starring in Netflix original series, an Efron Daredevil or Iron fist isn’t out of the question.

Any leading role is alright by me. I just don’t want to see Efron in a supporting role. That would make me angry. And you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.


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