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Jess Gilley

We have watched Sam and Dean Winchester go through some tough times. In fact, we have watched Sam go to Hell after giving in to his demon feeding frenzy and saying "Y'know, Lucifer's an alright guy." Then we watched Dean get pummeled into oblivion while the rest of the twisted world just went on about their daily lives barring the apocalypse didn't killed them. We won't get started on how many times Dean has given everything for Sam while Sam sits on his haunches and goes "but... what?" We just won't go there.

After Sam got his soul back and the whole "leviathan" thing passed, we were left with a very strained relationship between the boys. Sam gave up trying to pull Dean out of Purgatory, and Dean sided with the lovable teddy bear vampire, Benny.Even then, they managed to still be brothers. There's no doubt that the relationship was never truly perfect, but lately it's been so strained even angels are going "should we just let them duke it out and walk away?"

Like usual, Sam is giving Dean the business about his love affair with the first blade (sounds like his Demon blood phase). This was after he screamed at him for saving his life and letting an angel heal his tattered wounds. Not saying that Dean was right there, but come on, the guy has been programmed to save you. You can't be mad at that, Sammy. However, after May 14's episode, Sam might be wondering if he should do something about that older brother of his before that older brother does something about him.

See, Dean has gone back to his lying ways but this time it's not to save Sammy from the perils of evil. In fact, this time he has a jonesing for murder and he is seriously lacking in the empathy department. He's actually said in that stern "Dear God, he's going to kill me" voice that he's no longer taking requests and he's now the ruling tyrant of the Winchester dictatorship. Of course, Sam isn't a fan of this but what do you say to your first blade wielding psychopathic brother? No? Yeah, right.

With the advent of the new season coming on (yay, season ten!); the big bad Abaddon gone; Crowley acting more human than boy scout; Cas not quite knowing what to do with his stolen grace or his devotion to Dean; and Metatron thinking he's playing the ultimate game of chess, they're pretty much stuck with each other.

With that being said, where does this leave the Winchester brothers' future? How are they going to go into the next season? Will their relationship end with Dean shoving that blade into his brother's gut or will Sam finally decide to walk out for good (again)?

They've been through so much crap and still managed to get through the worst of it before this, but even they seem to have their limits. Dean has pulled so many different stunts and lied so many times; yet, they've managed to pull out of their problems. Sam has been possessed by the Devil himself and still they got through their issues. But this new problem seems to be a little much for the boys. I have a feeling they are going to be strained throughout the next season beyond what fans may have ever known, thought, or feared; and if the show continues to move forward beyond season ten, they may need to go to some serious counseling, or a divine restraining order.


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