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Venom is my favorite villain in the Spider-Man universe. We have already seen him in Spider-Man 3, but that was a horrendous portrayal of the otherwise awesome character. I don't know how they managed it either. It's like starting with Megan Fox and then finding ways to make her ugly. There have been rumors of a solo Venom movie and speculation he might be appearing as soon as [The Amazing Spider-Man 4](movie:1004341). Hopefully when Eddie Brock does show up, he keeps the venom mask ON this time around!


There was a post on the official Daily Bugle page referencing the maniacal serial killer Cletus Kasady a.k.a. Carnage. Hopefully they aren't just teasing us and giving us false hope, and we will finally see the first portrayal of a live action Carnage on screen! This murderous psychopath in the venom symbiote suit would definitely be the darkest character ever to make it into the live action spideyverse, but the Spider-Man reboot is decidedly darker and could definitely pull it off!


This one is definitely NOT going to happen because Fox owns the rights to the character. That being said, a lot of action starts and ends with the Kingpin. There is no character I personally would love to see more! I grew up a big fan of the 90's television series, and Kingpin and Smythe scheming up their dastardly plots were always fun to watch! Kingpin was more of an unstoppable force than any other villain in Spider-Man, and Spider-Man was more of a thorn in his side than an actual nemesis. Hinting at the Kingpin like they have with the Sinister Six would create even more hype around the Amazing Spider-Man universe. Let's just hope Sony gets the rights back sometime soon!


Alas! Another character that surely won't make it into TASM films due to rights issues. Fox also owns Deadpool at the moment unfortunately, and I've heard a lot of rumors about them making a solo film for the character. That would be pretty cool, but I'd rather see a "Batman vs. Superman" type of story arch where the anti-hero Deadpool and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man bump heads around New York City. Just imagine it! It would make for some of the most amazing and revolutionary fight scenes since Agent Smith fought Neo in the first Matrix movie.


Sam Rami expressed major interest in the character when he was making the original Spider-Man trilogy, but sadly nothing ever came of it. Vampires are pretty cool, but this super villain, living vampire is awesome! He deserves some screen time in the near future!

The Jackal

The most underrated Spider-Man villain of all time! The Jackal is not the way they are going with The Amazing Spider-Man 3 so we can forget about it! But if you love Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy, you would love to see the mad scientist try to clone her and bring her back to life! Also, a live action version would look pretty awesome!


Back to the realm of "never in a million years". I would love to see Wolverine team up with the Web Head more than any other superhero. I love how their personalities would clash, with Wolverine being a no nonsense badass, and Spider-Man being a sarcastic prankster. Like I said, never gonna happen, but if by some miracle Fox and Sony worked out a deal, this would be better than the Avengers... I guarantee it.


Enough with the Green Goblin already! Please! We've already seen him twice! Let's get some fresh meat into these films with the Hobgoblin. The Hobgoblin is a fascinating villain because he's got all of the weaponry and powers of Green Goblin, only he isn't insane and he isn't out for the sole purpose of killing Spider-Man. He has his own agenda and he makes for a more complex villain. And dear Marc Webb, if you do use the Hobgoblin, please give him a mask. No more of this...



This one just makes sense. Daredevil fights crime in Hell's Kitchen so it would be easy for the two crime fighters to meet up at some point. Their powers aren't outrageously different like a Spider-Man/Iron Man or Spider-Man Hulk team up would be. And can you imagine a Daredevil/Spider-Man movie where they take down the Kingpin? That would be totally awesome!


Who do you want to see in the future Spider-Man films?


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