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Hanging out this weekend at the Tulsa Comic Expo with the likes of Kevin Sorbo and Lando Calrissian himself, Billy Dee Williams. But, I have to say, the highlight of the weekend was the Q&A with DOUG JONES and getting a chance to be a part of an interview with him later that weekend.

Doug loving up to his new Heartstrings doll
Doug loving up to his new Heartstrings doll

If you EVER get a chance to sit in on a Q&A or just get to meet Doug Jones, DO IT! He was the most fun of the weekend. I could have listened to him all day talk about his breaking into the business as a contortionist and a mime. Taking those talents got him in the door for creature parts. Thanks to his tall, thin frame, they could pack on more makeup, parts and prosthetics which made him a perfect canvas to build all sorts of creatures. Add to that his expressive mannerisms and he was in position to bring so many characters to life.

From Billy Butcherson in Disney's HOCUS POCUS to the thin clown in the Red Triangle Circus gang in BATMAN RETURNS,(Note: Billy Dee Williams was also in that film as Harvey Dent, but the part got recast when the Batman films changed hands) Doug has created some memorable characters. The most known characters he's done has been in the films with Guillermo del Toro.

Pan's Labyrinth featured him as both the lead antagonist, Pan, and the Pale Man who got most of the attention of the press. Doug talked extensively in his Q&A about his meeting Del Toro and their relationship through the years. They met on the set of Batman Begins and Doug gave him his card. After that, Del Toro called him in for the dual roles and the rest, they say, is history. Doug said he was the only member of the cast that didn't speak Spanish as a first language. That experience seemed special to him; one that he called 'artistic' and 'touching'. It was this movie that gave him the experience of walking the red carpet at the Oscars and talking with Joan Rivers.

The role that brought him to the attention of each and every fan-boy and girl out there was him playing Abe Sapien in both Hellboy movies. Now, you will remember that David Hyde-Pierce voiced the character in the first Hellboy. But Del Toro even told Doug that "You gave us every bit of the voice of Abe that we needed". Hyde-Pierce agreed and bowed out of the voice overs every since. This gave Doug a chance to, not only play the role, but voice the role and BE Abe Sapien! That and his chance to work through a classic love story made Hellboy 2: The Golden Army a great act 2 for the trilogy.

Just a side note. My favorite part of the whole second Hellboy movie was the Angel of Death scene. This one scene was a pivotal part of ACT 2. Doug also played this character and the Chamberlin.

And that brings us to HELLBOY 3. When asked about the rumors, Doug jones answered, "There are not rumors about Hellboy 3. Not from Universal studios or Guillermo del Toro. But from the fans? Yes. It's been rumored for years. There was a plan to do a [Hellboy 3](movie:466730) all along. There's a story-line in everybody's heads. Guillermo (del Toro) definitely had a script in mind. The problem now is just money. I'd love to do it. Ron Pearlman would love to do it. Selma Blair would love to do it. But we don't have $150 million or a studio to give us that. So, if you have LOTS of rich friends. (grins at camera) No that's bigger than a Kickstarter's going to go."

Well, there it is. I was a big disappointed to hear that. Something as big as Hellboy and it's just floating in standby. As I said before, the scene between the Angel of Death and Liz was profound and was a great pivot point for the whole trilogy. The love of Liz overpowering the fate of the world. I am aching to see the endgame here. But, for now, we just wait for the money, watch the other two movies and pray.

Be watching Project's Playground for the full interview and look for more from JACKEDUP TALES!

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