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Off the record, I have to say that I told you so! That was directed towards a certain comrade of Moviepilot. Many of the fans thought Ben Affleck's muscles were fake when his photo was posted on Zack Snyder's Twitter account as him dressed in character. I've also heard a few complaints about this Batman looking "too veiny" or "bloated."

There are barely any veins..
There are barely any veins..

The actor doesn't look bloated to me! I think people keep mistaking the seams on his clothes as veins (face palm). Well the actor is looking very jacked up for this role as we can see in the pictures below!

Some are taken with him holding hands with his daughter Seraphina... SO CUTE!

If you look at his shirt closely he's sporting the "IPF" t-shirt (Institute Of Performance & Fitness) located near Ben's hometown of Boston.

"Toughest training you'll ever love"

- IPF motto.

Ben Affleck looking like a giant BRUTE! I love seeing him taking this transformation so seriously! I think he is definitely executing the fitness needed to play Batman!


Is Ben Affleck built enough to play Batman?

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