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Deep in the underground facility of Alkali Lake, Logan flips a switch on a light panel that hasn't been used in nearly 30 years. The lights overhead slowly flicker on, revealing row upon row of tanks containing floating females, Their faces covered with breathing masks. They all appear to be alive, breathing slowly.

He walks down the seemingly endless isle, counting the tanks. He stops when he comes to an empty one. Looking on the numerical designation. He reads it out loud "X-23..."

Wolverine's feminine side...
Wolverine's feminine side...

Imagine if that was the premise of the next Wolverine Solo movie. Wolverine finds out that he was cloned during the Weapon X procedure nearly 30 years ago and that his clone "Daughter" X-23 is out there somewhere.

"Using the only available genetic sample from Weapon X, which was damaged, they were unable to salvage the Y chromosome," states Thus, that is why they were only able to grow Female clones.

I think teaming up Logan with his clone "Daughter" would create a great dynamic for the movie. The actress playing her would have to be nearly 30 and have all of Logan's wonderful character traits; Drinking Beer, Smoking Cigars, Cheery Disposition, etc. As far as villains go, I think they should use someone we haven't seen yet in the X-Men universe. So What do You Think?


Should they introduce X-23 in the next Wolverine Solo Movie?


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