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Anthony Jolivette

As excited as I am for the news of there being a new Rangers movie, I'm not into the fact that it's going to be a reboot.

This is one series that should NOT be rebooted.

The rangers series is one that has no reason to be rebooted, as a new series is released every year.

I have my own personal opinion on what the new film should be, feel free to agree or disagree with me.

Recently I've grown fond of Super Sentai, the basis on what Power Rangers is based on, I find it better in a lot of ways but I will always love the American series.

Next year, the new series (Super) Dino Charge will be based on Kyoryuger, a dinosaur based sentai.

They released a movie by the name of The Great Dinosaur Battle, and I believed that this movie should be the basis of the new film, for the following reasons.

It'll allow for the return of 2 of the series popular seasons, MMPR and Dino Thunder.

Mighty Morphin, Dino Thunder, and Dino Charge
Mighty Morphin, Dino Thunder, and Dino Charge

The basis of the movie is MMPR Red and Red Dino have been kidnapped and brainwashed to do evil things, and it's up to the new heroes to help stop them and turn them back to the side of good and stop the evil threat.

This can allow the return of the original MMPR Red (either Jason or Rocky) and Red Dino Conner. There's a plot that involves the return of the rest of the team, which will allow remaining members of each team to return as well (especially Tommy who is a member of both teams, which team he'd be a part of can be thrown in the air).

The evil threat in the film are actual former enemies of the teams but "reborn" into stronger beings.

They don't have to recast anyone

Instead of using the big money to recast iconic characters, use the money to pay to have the original actors/actresses.

This was a problem with the upcoming Legendary War, not enough money. A big budget film will change that and having the original cast involved I believe that it will bring in big money in the box office just on nostalgia reasons alone.

Creative freedom with an already known plot basis

Feel free to take notes from the original MMPR if you want to sway away from the spandex and have actual armor, maybe original villains, but this way they can stick to what works and have something to base their movie on.

This is something Saban never really did, make a movie based on a Sentai movie. This is their perfect chance. They need to take it.

Don't get me wrong, I will still see this film, but I think they have the perfect chance to do something right and they should jump to the chance.


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