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Jonathan J Moya

Mash-ups are great for the way they take some old and something borrowed and make something new out of it. It is the marriage of those two that produces something uniquely true blue.

With the merger and acquisition of the Star Wars universe with Disney characters such strange and wonderful alliances are continually being created by an eager and admiring fan artist base.

The latest merges Star Wars characters and Disney villains, but all of them add a little edge while still keeping hints of charms and innocence.

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Dennis Culver Disney Villains as Star Wars Characters:

Ursula the Hutt

Scarth Vader

Peg Leg Peeto

Jafarth Maul

Thumbs Hook Fett

Nathan H. Boyd Classic Disney Characters as Star Wars Heroes:

James Silvani Disney and Star Wars Mash-ups:

Ralph Sevelius Disney Star Wars Princesses:

Star Wars Rapunzel

Star Wars Mulan

Star Wars Jasmine

Star Wars Elsa

Star Wars Ariel

Star Wars Aurora

Posters for Disney Theme Parks Star Wars Weekends:

Angry Koala Gears Snow White


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