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Courtesy of The Orchard and Shock Til You Drop comes a new horror retrospective titled The 50 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen! Full of clips from awesome but lesser known fright flicks, this documentary features film scenes paired with commentary from journalists, actors, and directors from all walks of horror. And for those of you horror hipsters who just KNOW you've see every horror film ever made? The journalists at STYD have a message:

I see a lot of criticism like "Oh, I've seen all of these films - laaaaame." In a bit of defense, my response is: Sure, you maybe saw some of these films. Maybe all of them. But there's an audience out there that hasn't. There is certainly nothing wrong with celebrating some great films that others – who might not be as horror savvy as you – probably haven't seen. Retrospectives like this spread the love. Give a sense of discovery to newcomers to horror. Further, I enjoy retrospectives like this because it allows me to hear criticism or insight I may not have heard, or thought of, before. ~ Ryan Turek

The clip below highlights the commentary about a less popular but amazing (and one of my favorite) French horror films! So watch, and get excited for The 50 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen!

(Courtesy of Shock Till You Drop)


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