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For the past few years, the most popular movie genre is Superhero movies. Now, live action comic book shows are starting to dominate television. Arrow is in it's second season, and it is wildly popular. [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) is another example. This year, we are expecting several more: The Flash, [Gotham](series:1127075), Constantine, and Agent Carter. And Netflix is creating five Marvel shows. I have some ideas for great live action comic book TV shows. I have picked five DC titles and five from Marvel. I also have a few bonus ideas from other companies.

1.) The Question

The Question is one of the coolest comic book heroes that there is. He is the man without a face. One of the greatest detectives of comic books. While I do not see him as movie material, he would make a great crime drama.

2.) Alpha Flight or Sasquatch

Alpha Flight is like the Canadian Avengers. They would make a fun TV show. But, if the entire team is too much (to be honest they would be a good animated series), then Sasquatch solo would be a great show.

3.) Spectre

Spectre is one of DC's oldest heroes. He is also one of the more powerful. He is a spirit who is always attached to the soul of a dead person. This series could last a long time, having a new host every season. Almost like Dr. Who.

4.) Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is one of Marvel's greatest villains. What if there was a show about his adventures and Villainous deeds in Latveria, and instead of fighting the Fantastic Four, he fought a less well known Marvel hero? I think that would be pretty awesome.

5.) All-Star Western

This show would take place in the Wild West (DCU). It would feature characters like Jonah Hex, Amadeus Arkham, Batlash, and El Diablo. This is perfect for a television show.

6.) Ghost Rider

I know that there were already movies, but Ghost Rider never really belonged in a movie. He would be great as a TV show. Ghost Rider is a great character, and I would love to see him fight off some demons from his motorcycle once a week.

7.) Red Hood and the Outlaws

This could be a good spinoff series from Arrow or Gotham. This team features Red Hood (Jason Todd), Arsenal (Speed/Red Arrow), and Starfire. Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea.

8.) War Machine

This would be a cool show. With Iron Man dominating the movie universe, War Machine could be making everybody's TV set about 50% more awesome. He could be perfect for going on international and government missions. I would watch this show.

9.) Tie:

Doctor Fate, Blue Beetle, Hawkman, The Outsiders, Red Tornado, Mr. Terrific, or Deathstroke

These are all less well known DC characters, but each one of them kicks just as much but as the most popular. I would love to see movies for all of these, but it would be more realistic to see them in a TV show.

10.) Tie:

Namor, Punisher, New Warriors, Spider-Man or Hulk 2099, Hercules, or Silver Surfer

These are all slightly less well known characters in the Marvel universe. I would love to see TV shows with these guys represented.


11.) BPRD

This is the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense from Hellboy. I think that these characters would be pretty fun on the small screen.

12.) Bone

This was one of my favorite things to read when I was little. Ever since I was 8 or 9 years old, I thought this should be a TV show or movie.

13.) Weekly Introducing Show

What about a TV show that introduced a new, obscure character each week and did an our long episode for each?

14.) Lastly... Your Opinion

What do you think would make a good comic book based TV show? Tell me in the comments


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