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Ok. So I think I've recovered (not really) after watching the season finale of The Vampire Diaries to write this article...

Umm...yeah. Nope. Wait. I can do this!

Can I insert tears and maybe a scream or two? You understand, right?


Damon and Bonnie...gone...

On the bright side (I know. I know. You're saying, "Ariel there isn't a bright side. DAMON IS DEAD!!! I know. I know. Just hear me out), there were so many hints to the following season!

1. Grams told Bonnie she made sure that Bonnie would be safe. Maybe that means Grams spoke with the other witches to let Bonnie live after the show down?

2. Bonnie and Damon are somewhere together. And did you see that? They held hands at the end! This is a clue Bamon fans! Maybe being trapped together wherever they are will bring them together? Think about it.

3. Lexi hinted to Stephan about Caroline. Steroline fans (is that what you guys are called?) there's hope!

4. Tyler is human...not sure where to go from there...I'm more hybrid...

5. Hey! Alaric's back!

6. Enzo's back...hmmm...


Sound off! How do you feel after watching the finale?

That's all I got folks. I need to go somewhere and recover and find my brain...Gosh, Damon and Bonnie!


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