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Man Of Steel director Zack Snyder, @ZackSnyder, tweeted the above photograph today giving the public its first look at the new Batman (Ben Affleck) and the new Batmobile. The photograph has a somber mood to it. Batman is looking down with a very serious look, maybe even a sad. This picture of a brooding ‘Caped Crusader’ standing next to his favorite road vehicle warrants the idea of a conflicted Dark Knight.

The Batmobile look like a combination of the

Tim Burton

Batmobile from the 1989



Michael Keaton

in the front, long front-end nose. The rear however had a resemblance of the Tumbler from the

Christopher Nolan

trilogy, massive and functional. As it pertains to style, it looks like is built to dish out punishment, endure punishment and travel off-road with thick tires.

Even though Batman himself looks rather troubled, he appears menacing. Affleck is legitimately six-feet four inches tall and has put on muscle mass to be the physical presence that has been lacking in all the previous cinematic incarnations of Batman. Major deviations from the other suits are the shorter stubby ears, the suit seems to actually be gray as opposed to all black, pockets on the utility and a large bat symbol with a very minute embossing. This suit, much like the interaction between Superman (

Henry Cavill

) and Batman, have been inspired by

Frank Miller


The Dark Knight Returns

graphic novel from the 1980s.

Something needs to be noted; even though this iteration of Batman is not grounded to the level that Nolan provided audiences, but it is still a realistic world to some degree. The thickness, texture, material and flexibility of the batsuit are unknown at this moment. Superman has his molecular density with his ‘mesh-like’ costume. Batman is purely human and can easily get injured. It does not have to be plated armor from The Dark Knight, but it could be similar to the survival suit from Batman Begins. More details will be known once trailers and the film debut.

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