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So Batman FANS!!!!!

New Batman photo has been revealed and ‘Gotham’ Trailer was released in the last few days, this has made every one so excited for ‘Batman vs Superman’ (2016) and the new upcoming TV series ‘Gotham’ (2014).

Gotham takes us into the world of Jim Gordon and what life was like before Batman came into the picture. We see young Bruce Wayne meeting Gordon and we get to see in more depth the death of Bruce’s parents and Bruce growing up and how young Bruce becomes the dark vigilante we all know him for.

Gotham TV Series coming soon in 2014 
Gotham TV Series coming soon in 2014 

Although I am really excited to begin my journey with this series I am also worried that it would give away too much information as to what might happen for future Batman films. For example Marvel which try to stay side by side with their films with 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D'. I am also looking forward to the upcoming villains who will be appearing in the series such as Penguin, Poison Ivy, The Riddler and Catwoman.

The concept about how amazing this will look is that we get to see everything before there were these villains and before Batman became Batman. With regards to the teaser photo posted online by Zack Snyder the other day we see a glimpse of Ben Affleck dressed as Batman and I have to say he looks really good dressed in the Batsuit and the Batmobile looks incredible.

Zack Snyder's Twitter picture of the Batmobile
Zack Snyder's Twitter picture of the Batmobile

I've heard their making it look more like Frank Millers style of Batman from the Graphic Novel 'The Dark Knight Returns' it’s like re-living the first Batman (1989) Directed by Tim Burton.

What’s your take the new Teaser photo and are you excited for the new Gotham TV series?


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