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Good news for Vampire Academy star Zoey Deutch - she's just picked up another major movie role. The Beautiful Creatures actress has just been cast in upcoming romantic comedy Cover Girl, directed by Sue Kramer.

The film, adapted from a script by Gren Wells, is the story of a New York girl who finds herself at Cambridge Business School - and finances her studies in an unusual way. That way has yet to be announced - but odds are it's going to be something in the realm of sexy or otherwise titillating. What are the chances that the film has been inspired by real-life events at Duke, where Freshman Miriam Weeks was revealed to be porn star Belle Knox?

The film is set to film this summer, with no release date yet announced.

What do you guys think? What unusual way of financing her studies will Deutch's character be adopting? Let me know below!


How will Deutch's character be 'unusually' financing her studies?



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