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Fresh from a wildly successful adaptation to the theater in London, Let The Right One In has a whole bunch of cultural cache at the moment. It's not too surprising, then, to see films emerge that follow it's basic formula of intelligent plotting, subtle pacing and beautiful, atmospheric cinematography.

When Animals Dream looks very much like it could be such a film - although as the only trailer released so far comes with a distinct lack of English subtitles, it's hard to be certain.

What we do know, though, is that:

"It’s a coming-of-age horror film set in a secluded fishing village of Denmark about a young girl falling in love and discovering she is a werewolf through her mother at the same time as she gets hunted down by the villagers.“

Which, combined with the stunning trailer below, suggests something that could be extremely interesting:

Now we just need a version with English subtitles...

What do you guys think? Does When Animals Dream look like a new breakout international hit to you? Let me know below!


When Animals Dream - the next breakout hit?



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