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Alaric lives! Matt Davis is returning to The Vampire Diaries for Season 6 as a series regular!

After being introduced in Season 1 of the CW show, starting out as a Mystic Falls High teacher and becoming drinking buddy for Damon, Davis' character died at the end of Season 3 at the hands of Esther in one of the saddest scenes of the entire show. Too bad he won't be reunited with his best booze pal after all this time...

Since his death, Alaric has returned three times - twice as a ghost in Season 4, when Damon visited his grave and again to drink with Damon - and then earlier this season, in the 100th episode. Good for Davis for being employed again. He's been jobless, since Cult got canceled after about 6 episodes.

Are you happy that Matt will be returning to the show? Let me know in the comment section below!


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