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In recent years, Nicholas Cage hasn't exactly been known for his discerning choice of movies to star in. After a string of fairly forgettable titles, he's now signed on to appear in short-story adaptation, Pay the Ghost.

Variety reports that the film has been in development for sometime, with Tim Lebbon's original story being optioned by Voltage Films. However, Cage was reportedly approached for the role only after his performance in the recently released Joe.

Cage is expected to play the lead in the supernatural thriller set during Halloween. According to Variety, "Cage will play a hard-working NYU English professor bucking for tenure when his 8-year-old son mysteriously vanishes from a Halloween day parade." Pay the Ghost is currently being sold at Cannes, while the producers are also reportedly looking for the female lead.

The script will be handled by Dan Kay, with producer Ian Levy assisting. Originally, it appeared that The Last House on the Left director, Dennis Iliadis, was on board to direct, although now it appears Uli Edel (The Baader Meinhof Complex) has the job.

What do you think? Could this film revive Cage's prospects, or will it go straight to the bargain bin? Let us know below.


What was your favorite recent Nicolas Cage movie?

Source: Variety


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