ByColm S. Herron, writer at
Colm S. Herron

With Godzilla in full swing at theaters and receiving good reviews, the campaign has begun to keep the bums on seats in the coming weeks.

Check out the archive style promo below:

Bryan Cranston seems very shook up about what he has just witnessed. From the trailer we are aware that he is investigating something that he shouldn't be due to his wife going missing. It would appear that he found what he came for.

In the same way Cloverfield took advantage of the found footage style and implied that there was a world of archive surrounding the disaster, it would appear that Godzilla is doing the same with clips like these. Though, where Cloverfield is using it to perhaps tell other stories and potential subsequent films, I am curious to see what the Godzilla team do with this.

Godzilla is currently showing in cinemas nationwide.

Do you think that this is just for marketing or will this footage play a part?



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