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So it looks like Universal might just be bringing a certain pointy-eared prince to the big screen - if several educated guesses are correct - but the real question is: who is Namor anyway? He might be called The Sub-Mariner, but that only really tells us that he quite likes a swim in the ocean. Well, never fear - having skulked around the histories of The Flash, Gambit and Constantine, we're back with the five things you absolutely, positively have to know about the wing-footed Atlantean king know to his friends as Nay-Nay.*

*Note, this last part is in no way true.

  • He's named after an empire. Namor's creator came up with the character's name by writing down fancy sounding names backwards - and Roman was the one that looked the best. The Sub-Mariner element was inspired by the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'.
  • He dates back to the 1930's. Bill Everett created Namor in 1939, and he went on to make his first appearance for Timely Comics (who went on to become Marvel) in October of that year. During the Second World War he fought alongside Captain America and the original Human Torch - though in his first appearances he'd been a villain.
  • He's never been a clear-cut hero. Starting out as a villain, before helping out in the fight against Hitler, Namor has always been as likely to fight humanity as to save it. He is, after all, only partly human - the son of a princess of Atlantis and a human sea captain, he came to the surface in the comics only to protect his home, and later when believing it to be lost.
  • He's been a lover as well as a fighter. His appearances in early Fantastic Four comics in the 1960s showed Namor to be a romantic soul at heart - with him becoming a competitor of Reed Richards for the love of Susan Storm (aka The Fantastic Four's Invisible Woman).
  • He's Marvel's First Mutant. Though other mutants predate him in the official Marvel chronology (just wait till you see X-Men: Apocalypse) he was the first to actually appear in print.

What do you guys think? What element of Namor are you most excited about? Let me know below!


What's Namor's most interesting feature? (Not counting the winged feet)


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