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The tears have only just dried after Damon's heartwrenching demise in The Vampire Diaries season finale, but the outpouring of emotion is entirely justified.

Mystic Falls would be a dull and lifeless place without everyone's favourite smouldering bad boy to stir the cauldron, and the prospect of Damon Salvatore being erased for good is as depressing as a dry wedding.

So, join me in my celebration of everything that makes our hearts pound about Damon.

1. Damon might be intensely arrogant...

2. ...But his witty sense of humor always lightens the mood

3. We all know that Stefan is the 'nice' brother, but Damon's badass charms are so much more fun!

4. Sure, he's a drinker...

5. ...But you can't blame him for hitting the bottle when his well buried sensitive side gets too much

6. Delena CAN'T DIE! Their relationship is so multifaceted and dripping with passion...

7. ...Which of course, leads to AMAZING sex scenes...

8. ...Not that we are obsessed with Damon getting his kit off...

9. ...Or that ultra-sexy smirk

10. Basically, we want to dance with you until the bitter end of The Vampire Diaries!

Don't worry though my fellow fans, Ian Somerhalder has already signed his contract for season 6. Let's all just keep our fingers crossed that his resurrection is swift. I can't wait that long!

How did you feel when Damon died in [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) season finale?


What is the best thing about Damon?


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