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Who doesn't love a good old fashioned bit of torch-passing, generation-gap-bridging, superhero crossover action? It's what binds the nostalgic memories of our childhood's to the awesome, higher-production-value filled shows and movies of the present day - and what keeps Stan Lee culturally relevant.

All of which means that a secret inadvertently revealed by the new, extended trailer for the CW's upcoming show The Flash is far more exciting than it initially seems.

Check out this still from the trailer, and take a close look at the guy in the background.

From the timing of the shot, it seems almost certain that he's The Flash's father - and he looks distinctly like character actor John Wesley Shipp, who though already announced to appear in the show, has seen his exact role shrouded in secrecy.

So, Shipp, best know for playing Dawson Leery's dad in Dawson's Creek, is in the show, and plays The Flash's dad. So far, so uneventful.

Except for one little detail.

He totally played The Flash, way back in the early 90s.

Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.

Shipp's ill fated Flash series didn't make it to a second season back in 1991, but he is still very much the Adam West of the Flash universe - and so his return to DC-related television, in a pivotal role, is a neat and classy touch.

The question now is - will his role be a recurring one, or will it be a one-time pilot appearance? It'll most likely depend on just how faithful the producers decide to be to the source comics - and particularly the 2009 miniseries Flash: Rebirth.

You can check out the extended trailer below - and make up your own mind:

What do you guys think? How much of Shipp will we be seeing in the show? Let me know below!


How much will we be seeing of Shipp in The Flash?



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