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A new poster has arrived for upcoming sci-fi Guardians of the Galaxy -- Marvel's next movie about a group of space mercenaries.

[UPDATE: Check out the 2 new teasers for Monday's trailer reveal at the bottom of the article]

The tenth instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a big gamble for the studio and Walt Disney. Despite the success of recent comic book adaptations Captain America: The Winter Solider, Thor: The Dark World and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [Sony], Guardians is considered by many to be a wild card in the otherwise familiar roster of superheroes. Audiences are familiar with the characters like Iron Man or the Hulk, but ask your typical moviegoer who 'Star-Lord' is and they'll probably just look at you like you should be wearing a tin foil hat and trying to phone home.

All that should change soon with the marketing for the comedic action movie gearing up with the unveiling of a new poster and the news of a new trailer on the way.

Enjoy the Poster Below -- Let me know what you think in the comments.

The new poster includes Peter Quill/Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Rocket (Bradley Cooper), Groot (Vin Diesel) and Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista).

A new trailer for the movie will drop on the official Guardians of the Galaxy Facebook page on May 19th at 10AM PT (6PM GMT).

In the mean time, check out the first trailer released earlier this year:

UPDATE: 2 new teasers for Monday's trailer reveal has been released:

[Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) is out August 1st, 2014 (31st July in the UK).

Source: Facebook


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