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Mild Spoilers ahead regarding plot details, costumes and weapons!

The good folks at Joblo have posted an article containing what they claim to be spoilers regarding next year's highly-anticipated Avengers: Age of Ultron. The site have previously posted Guardians of the Galaxy spoilers which have, for the most part, turned out to be legit. So here is your *SPOILERS* warning, albeit mild details, for those who wish to go no further!

Lets get into it...


Ultron/James Spader
Ultron/James Spader

Played by James Spader, the main antagonist of the film is a fan favourite. With his multiple upgrades, and Vibranium covered armour, with his addition many have hoped that this signals the introduction of Wakanda and Black Panther. Joblo have revealed nothing overly jaw dropping, but confirmed how many iterations of the character we will see.

There will be 3 different versions of Ultron throughout the movie. His original state is very rudimentary, but, as he does in the comics, Ultron is constantly upgrading. He is coated in Vibranium and spends the film seeking out more of the raw material to continue his "upgrades."


Avengers Tower
Avengers Tower

Our favourite team of super heroes and earths mightiest defenders! As seen in Captain America 2, Tony Stark will be bankrolling the squad with Avengers tower as their HQ.

Tony Stark is indeed bankrolling The Avengers this time out. With the dissolution of S.H.I.E.L.D. in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER and it's subsequent "handover" to Phil Coulson in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Tony Stark takes on the role of global security by housing The Avengers in the former Stark Tower, now Avengers Tower


Paul Bettany/Vision
Paul Bettany/Vision

Good news for those who crave fidelity to text, as the Visions costuming has been touted as being similar to its original comic book illustration. Also, it appears that we won't be fully seeing him and his characters narrative until the finale of the franchise

While the costume is said to retain the green/yellow color scheme, albeit with the usual Marvel Cinematic upgrade, our source indicates that, much like Ultron, Vision (played by Paul Bettany) is not expected to make his final, full reveal until the third act of the film.


Avengers Logo 
Avengers Logo 

Arguably the most important part of the film. Each team member is slated to rock an Avengers logo on their costume, much like the one Chris Evans was seen in a couple of months ago. The site also revealed more details about Black Widow, Hawkeye and The Hulk, as well as a cameo from a supporting character!

Black Widow will have 2 batons that have shocking ability as part of her new arsenal and Hawkeye will indeed be rocking the long sleeve jacket that is reminiscent of his comics costume (again, as we've already seen in set photos). Hulk will now be wearing "stretchy pants" that grow and shrink with him when he goes back and forth between Banner and Hulk. Lastly, War Machine is confirmed for a cameo, but won't feature throughout the main storyline.

So what do you think about all these details ? Are they legit, common knowledge or totally ludicrous ?


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