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Ok, so I'm guessing that by now almost everyone has either seen the finale themselves or invariably read something online so nothing they read here will spoil the finale for them. I'm gonna be talking about what I hope to get from the next season of VD. Let's go at this point wise shall we?

1. Damon isn't dead.

Yes, that's right. He's not dead. You shouldn't need me to tell you that either. He's the most popular guy on the show. Half the people that watch VD anymore (probably way more than half) watch it because of him, and notice I say people and not just the ladies. He's not just good looking, he's an amazing actor and without him the show just won't work. So expect him to be back as early as S06 Ep01. Or they could keep him on the other side or wherever Bonnie's grams took them or whatever happened to them when they fade to white. Again, not for long, at most for the first episode and then get him back in the second. But I've got my money on episode 1. Plus, Ian Somerhalder let slip on twitter that he's gonna start shooting for the next season, so there's that as well. I'm happy too.

2. Bonnie

Looks like along with Lexi, grams is gone for good. I'm pretty sure that was a goodbye hug. Plus, one of them has to die. Right? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, Bonnie is gonna make it. No doubts about that. Fingers crossed. Ok, lets put this up for debate - you know what side I'm on.

3. Alaric

Bet you didn't think I'd get to this guy! Stefan and Elena are still vampires. Tyler is not a hybrid anymore, but I'm pretty sure he's a werewolf. Alaric died a vampire. So is he a vampire now? Or does Julie miss out on that? That should be pretty interesting.

4. Plot?

Silas is dead (permanently), and so is creepy traveller Markos. Apart from saving Damon and Bonnie (if she or they aren't already saved) what is left? There is no real threat left. I don't think the traveller spell works anymore because everyone was just standing there at the end. And well, apart from rebuilding the mystic grill, there's not much for anyone to do. So what is there in the next season? Your guess is as good as mine.

PS - those traitorous witch twins better run for their lives. I dunno why I just have enormous dislike for both characters.

What do YOU think?


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