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After seeing the teaser at the end on the finale, here are just some possible ideas of who could bring on the awesome that is Elsa. Who would you like to see as the Snow Queen?

Hilary Duff

Hilary has not participated in many acting projects lately, but a return to television as the Snow Queen could be quite a spectacular event.

Blake Lively

She won hearts over as Serena on the teen soap Gossip Girl, but Story Brooke could be the perfect place for Blake to stir up some drama.

Annalynne Mccord

Annalynne’s character on 90210, Naomi was quite a force to be reckoned with, and her fierce personality but ability to portray vulnerability could definitely be perfect if she were to play Elsa in Once Upon A Time’s next season.

Margot Robbie

Margot has had a bigger presence more than ever with her role on the short but amazing season of Pan Am and The Wolf of Wall Street. Her beautiful looks are a certain match for Queen Elsa.

Katie Cassidy

Katie has been a long time television veteran, staring on Melrose Place 2.0, Gossip Girl, and the hit show Arrow. It would be amazing if she took some of her off time from Arrow, to win us over with her icy blue eye on Once Upon A Time.

Brittany Snow

With a last name like that you know I had to include her in this list. You may know her from John Tucker Must Die, Prom Night, and Pitch perfect. She definitely has the qualifications and talent to make her mark in the Fairytale based TV show.

Laura Vandervoort

We remember Laura as Kara (Super Girl) on Smallville and as the emotionally conflicted lizard alien on V. She definitely looks like Elsa and I think she could bring the innocence and power that everyone loves about the character.

Leah Pipes

Leah Pipes is relatively unknown, but that could be great for the portrayal of Elsa. She was hilarious and vicious in the horror film Sorority Row and certainly brought the drama to the CW’s The Originals. A fresh face like Leah’s could be an amazing addition to Once Upon A Time.

Amanda Righetti

Although she is the only non-blonde on this list, she certainly makes up for it with talent. I loved her as a detective in The Mentalist and she even made a cameo in Captain America: The First Avenger. She recently left The Mentalist, so a switch to Once Upon A Time could be destined.

Emily Van Camp

Already an ABC network family member has the real Amanda Clark on Revenge, Emily certainly demonstrates how ice cold she can be to people and she would definitely show Elsa’s Badass side. She recently starred in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and I would love to see her in more projects where she can kick more ass!


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