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Scott Pierce

There are a lot of Rob Zombie haters out there, but there's no denying that the man has created some of the most chilling onscreen nightmares since his film House of 1000 Corpses debuted 11 (!) years ago. I personally dug his last movie, [The Lords of Salem](movie:671293), but completely get audience's frustrations that it was a muddled mess. Despite the highs and the lows, I'm excited for whatever comes out next. And today, we're one step closer to figuring out what that is...

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Zombie's new film will be called 31, referring to everyone's favorite night of the year: Halloween. There's a short NSFW trailer online right now. Most of it highlights Zombie's career in horror, but we do get an extra creepy Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth doppelganger... Take a look:

Update: It appears the video has been taken down from Vimeo... Check it out here:


What's your favorite Rob Zombie movie?


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