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David Gray

I love Doctor Strange, and I am immensely excited for any news about his upcoming movie. I have seen all the fan casts, and ususally could see the chosen actor as the Sorceror Supreme (except for Joseph Gordon-Levitt). So for my first ever post on Moviepilot, I thought I'd do my own fan-cast. Now, my (formerly) perfect Doctor Strange, Vincent Price, is dead, but just think how awesome that would be! Anyway, I never really had one actor that I saw and just though: "YES! He would be perfect, he IS [Doctor Strange](movie:559685)." until I was watching Game of Thrones the other night, and I realized my perfect Doctor Strange was a cast member.

Pedro Pascal, who plays the amazing Oberyn Martell A.K.A the Red Viper. I have loved this character since I first read the books, and Pascal plays him perfectly, those who have seen him in the show know what a great actor he is.


1. The look, he already looks like he could be Doctor Strange, especially in his GoT costume and his facial hair.

2. The character. Not much to say here, I think that people can mostly agree that Pascal could portay Strange very well. Just imagine with the enigmatic Prince of Dorne as a cast member, we would have a character who could out-sass Tony Stark and Nick Fury.

So, what do you think? Do you see Pedro Pascal as Doctor Strange?


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