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There was a bit of a backlash - which spurned a backlash to the backlash, go figure - to the recent Star Wars Episode VII casting announcement. You see, while everyone was giddy as padawans - on second thought, padawans are rather droll, we'll go with: "giddy as jawas." - to see the new cast, many were disappointed at how one-sided the gender selection seemed to be.

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Well, it looks like our concern over this missed opportunity may have been a bit premature; because Latino Review - known for having a pretty good track-record for their rumors coming true - claims that their sources have informed them there are not one, but two more significant, as-of-yet unannounced females roles in Star Wars Episode VII, and it looks like they may have already been cast.

Both actresses are reported to have been seen at Pinewood Studios, where Star Wars is currently shooting, and where John Boyega was seen prior to his casting being officially confirmed.

The first new cast member rumored is one whose name we haven't heard up until now: Essex born British actress Katie Jarvis. Jarvis starred along Michael Fassbender - another name rumored to be in Episode VII; although, it looks like that one didn't pan out - in the critically acclaimed indie film Fish Tank (2009). Her filmography is rather sparse, but what she does have she performed with aplomb. I honestly haven't the faintest idea what role she could play, but this is a bold and intriguing choice.

Fish Tank has a 90% on RT and is on Netflix.
Fish Tank has a 90% on RT and is on Netflix.

The second rumored cast member reported to have been seen at Pinewood is one we've heard mentioned a good deal as of late: Maisie Richardson-Sellers. With how much attention she's received recently, this seems to be one more nail in the Bothan-filled coffin of Abrams' Mystery Box strategy. Which is great, because I hate the Mystery Box - you know, the one that made a liar out of Benedict Cumberbatch -, and the Oxford grad's addition to the cast would certainly top it off with some great diversity, pleasing fans and helping Disney hit their demo-quadrants.

Is Maisie the oft-rumored descendant of Obi-wan?
Is Maisie the oft-rumored descendant of Obi-wan?

Is Jarvis joining the Star Wars cast, or will he be too busy with Tony Stark? (...little joke.) Let me know what you think of these casting rumors and whether or not this will satisfy fan desire for a more diverse cast. Are these the jedis Star Wars deserves, and the ones it needs right now? Would you prefer a different actress be cast, such as oft-rumored Lupita Nyong'o? Lastly, are my puns awful? Let me know in the comments below!

Star Wars Episode VI: The Archaic Casting releases in the US on December 18, 2015.

Source: Latino Review, IMDB


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