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The Question is one of the best, most intriguing characters in comic book history. This would be a great character for a TV show, or as a supporting character in a movie. Here are Five Actors Who Could Play... The Question:

1) Benedict Cumberbatch

We've seen him as Sherlock. He can obviously play a meticulous detective. He has such a charismatic, intelligent character about him that he would be perfect for the role.

2) Karl Urban

Karl Urban is a fun actor. We saw him kick but in Dredd, and we saw a smart side of him in Star Trek. He would be great to play The Question

3) Rachel Bilson

Let's not forget about the second Question, Renee Montoya. Rachel Bilson is becoming more and more popular as an actress and has the chops to take on this role.

4) Adrian Brody

Adrian Brody is a great actor. Recently, he hasn't been doing much, and this would be a great role to put on his schedule. He has been known to play troubled characters, this is a perfect match... but there is one more.

5) Leonardo Dicapprio

For a while now, people have been begging to see Leo in a superhero role. But, i'm not sure he exactly fits the traditional superhero type. He would be perfect to play Vic Sage.

That's Part One of Five Actors Who Could Play.... stay tuned for Part Two.


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