ByLogan Carnivalli, writer at
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Logan Carnivalli

DC animation fans already know the studio-publisher is developing an upcoming feature film focusing on Aquaman, set in the same animated New 52-verse of 2014’s Justice League: War.

As the credits scene of last year’s Justice League: War showed, Orm (aka the Ocean Master aka Aquaman’s brother) emerged from the ocean after the invading forces of Apokolips’ devastated Earth, carrying a dead older man. Orm/Ocean Master than says "The Surface Dwellers have killed our king. This is an act of war. And they will pay."

Warner Bros. was tight-lipped at the War premiere as to what exactly the new film would be, other than to say it would have "[Aquaman](movie:264237)" in the title, and while it still currently doesn’t have a title we can confirm,we have learned the film will likey be something of a New 52 origin story for Aquaman, meaning sources tell us at the start of the film he won’t know much, if anything, about his connection to Atlantis, his place in their royal family, and his destiny to be their king.


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