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Although not as exciting as the potential news regarding Marvel’s King of Atlantis, DC’s counterpart is getting some big news of his own. According to Newsarama, Aquaman will have his origin told in the upcoming sequel to Justice League: War. Unlike Throne of Atlantis, which this movie may be loosely adapted from, Aquaman will not already be the king of Atlantis. Instead, he “won’t know much, if anything, about his connection to Atlantis, his place in their royal family, and his destiny to be their king

[Aquaman](movie:264237)’s future involvement was hinted in the post-credits scene of War, which showed an Atlantean, possibly Orm (a.k.a. Ocean Master) carrying the body of an old man to the surface after the battle with Apokolips. The Atlantean declares, “The surface dwellers have killed our king. This is an act of war. And they will pay.” The article also revealed that Orm will be voiced by (Being Human, Star Wars: The Clone Wars).

If there’s one thing that drives comic book fans nuts, it’s seeing origin stories repeatedly being told for the most popular heres heroes. We get it! Batman’s parents were shot, Superman is an alien from another planet, Peter Parker got bitten by a spider, etc. However, origin stories are important for getting the B and C-list characters known to the general public. Most of the comic book community is starting to realize that Aquaman is a badass (thank you, Geoff Johns), but to non-comic readers, their perception of Aquaman largely comes from his portrayal in Super Friends, Family Guy gags and Robot Chicken. Yeah, he can do more than just swim around, guys.

This animated movie is his chance to shine. Discover who he is, what his powers are, learning about his royal heritage and all that jazz. It seemed weird at first replacing him with Shazam in Justice League: War, but waiting looks to be the right move. This New 52 origin will show people what he’s truly capable of. The guy can create underwater, control sea life and has a trident that can manipulate water and shoot lightning blasts. I’d say that damn powerful!

While Aquaman will unlikely ever reach Superman and Batman’s level of popularity, he has a lot of untapped potential. Giving him an animated movie is a step in the right direction. If it’s successful, our chances of seeing a live-action Aquaman rise even higher. A theatrical film will no longer be confined to the world of Entourage.SOURCE: Newsarama &


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