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Kaushik Baporikar

Definitely one of the best new series, The Originals caught the eye of every Vampire Diaries fan and over the season attracted others as well. Season 1 was fantastic, fast paced and had a really deep and involving plot that had me hooked. If truth be told, it is the rare exception of a spinoff actually beating it's parent series (I'm comparing not just pilot seasons but in fact season 5 of VD and 1 of the originals). Like most shows where the cliffhanger finale leaves you begging for more, The Originals not only delivered but raised the bar. Amazing ending and now we can get to discussing what the future of the original vampire family may look like in season 2.

1. Klaus

The big bad hybrid original is pissed and rightly so. I expect a full blown revenge strike against the werewolves. How he is to combat so many different enemies at the same time in such a concentrated minefield that is the quarter is anybodies guess. Remember that both his parents are back from the dead and will try to kill him sooner rather than later. He has his hands full that's for sure.

2. Elijah and Hayley

Ok so they skip town at the end, maybe head over to mystic falls. Give us some crossovers that are so easily possible. Come on julie plec. Deliver.

3. The baby

With aunt becs the baby is safe. Period. Will certainly make for some nice twists but I'll go into that next week.

4. Crossovers

Ok now after a not so great season from vd, how could a few charachters from the originals going over to mingle with the vd guys hurt anyone? I'm gonna repeat this. Julie Plec. Deliver.

5. The rebirths at the end

So I'm guessing and I think many of you will agree, it was finn that came back with his mother. He's willing to do anything for her. She's capable of doing anything. And the angry dad (mikael mikaelson) is the only guy klaus is scared of. Very worrying for dear old joseph morgan.

Apart from this I hope to see a great season for marcel and hopefully another visit from klaus' werewolf side of the family? Not like the blink and he's gone moment they did in this season. All in all I'd say it's probably the best series to look forward to along with arrow and the flash. Comments?


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