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In their time, the X-Men faced many villains. Villains that nearly destroyed the X-Men. Villains that inspired fear across the world. But none of them, none in all history, took a name that literally meant the end of the world. And boy, did he live up to it. Being that the next X-Men movie is titled X-Men: Apocalypse, we're probably going to see more of him. And for this movie, they're going to need an origin story. So, here I am to show you Apocalypse's history, his powers, and how he could be interpreted for the next movie. But be warned; there will be SPOILERS for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Let's see what's in store for the X-Men with their new arrival.

En Sabah Nur

Apocalypse wasn't always so evil and powerful.
Apocalypse wasn't always so evil and powerful.

Many people know that Apocalypse was the world's first mutant. But he wasn't always as strong and evil as he is now. In his home of Ancient Egypt, he was known as En Sabah Nur, and was abandoned. Found by nomadic raiders, they raised him En Sabah Nur with the belief that only the strong could survive. This ideal would come to shape him into Apocalypse, and make it his life's mission to create a world with only those who are strong, whether they're mutant or not, it wouldn't matter to him.

As Apocalypse traveled the world in disguise as different cultures’ death gods, he discovered a spaceship left by the superior alien race called the Celestials. To find out the vessel’s secrets, Apocalypse found Cable, the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone, and fought him resulting in Apocalypse’s near death. But Apocalypse’s blood was infected with Cable’s techno-organic disease, which gave him both a much more powerful body and control over the Celestial ship. Since he would use a regeneration chamber to regain strength, leaving him in suspended animation inside the chamber.

During modern times, Apocalypse was reawakened by the arrival of Cable and his team, X-Force. Apocalypse went to fight against them with his own team, the Alliance of Evil. Soon after the fight, he abandoned that team for the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, creating the team to help him achieve his ultimate goal of ‘natural selection’. The team was mostly composed of mutants who either willingly volunteered or subdued into joining by Apocalypse. Each Horseman took the entities of Death, Pestilence, War, and Famine. The team varied in members over the years, including mutants such as Angel and even Gambit, who intended to become a mole for the X-Men but ended up being twisted by Apocalypse. He then used this team to attack X-Force once again, where Apocalypse infected Cable with the techno-organic virus, to ensure that Apocalypse would gain control of the Celestial ship.

When working with the alien race called the Skrulls, Apocalypse was able to assemble a new group of mutants called the Twelve, whose powers Apocalypse would absorb to become even more powerful so that he could create the world he dreamed of. But when the X-Men fought to stop him, Apocalypse accidentally merged with Cyclops. Because he was taking in too much power, Apocalypse rejected the power, and abandoned the mission.

Magneto may want mutant superiority, which includes the extinction of humans. And Bolivar Trask intended to destroy the mutant species to save the human race. But none of them could ever go as far, and cause as much destruction as Apocalypse has.

The Power of A God

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

While Apocalypse may be known for being the world's first mutant, he's also one of the most powerful mutants ever known. The entire extent to what powers he holds is still unknown, especially due to the face of what powers came from Celestial technology. But this is what we do know.

Apocalypse has proven multiple times that he has control over his body at a molecular-level. Through this, he can change his shape and size, teleport, change his density, and can turn his body into metal and armor. And because of this ability, he can stilt the aging process in his body so that he never ages. He can also increase his strength to a level higher than even the Hulk, and he can even fly by turning his arms into wings or jets.

Apocalypse has also shown to be able to absorb and project energy and abilities much like Rogue, minus taking people’s memories. There’s also evidence that he could inhibit powerful psychic powers.

Apocalypse has powers that give him the ability to be stronger than any other mutant that we know of, and that's only what we know about his potential. His powers make his enemies and allies shiver in fear alike, and can bring all below him under his will if he wished. With powers like his, how is he any different from God?

The Extinction of Mutant and Mankind

Neither mutant nor man will be safe from Apocalypse
Neither mutant nor man will be safe from Apocalypse

With Days of Future Past, Fox has finally got their chance to start over and make X-Men even better than it was before. And they've started by taking the franchise to a whole new level. An extinction level. I mean, when you bring in Apocalypse and plan to make a movie with him as the title character, there's going to be extinction-level carnage. We won't just be seeing only the threat of mutant extinction, but we're also going to be seeing the actual genocide of both mutants and humans. This is what comes from Apocalypse. Since he believes in only the strong surviving, no matter if their mutant or not, he is completely unprejudiced towards which species shall be facing his wrath.

But that's not what we're interested in. As anyone whose either seen the after-credits scene of DOFP or knows their stuff, we're going to be seeing the Four Horsemen. But who will be the first members we'll see on screen? Well, with the recent news that Gambit will be making his debut in X-Men: Apocalypse, we know for a fact that he'll be one of them. After all, he had taken the entity of Death in the comics. We could also be seeing more of Angel from this movie, seeing as how X-Men could use a reboot on the character as well. And who else could we see beside the Horsemen of Apocalypse? I have one other idea.

Anyone who knows Apocalypse knows that one of his greatest foes, and one of the reasons he exists today, is Cable. And we know for a fact that Fox has already announced that they will be making a movie about his team, X-Force. If they want to introduce Cable before this movie releases, there is no better way to introduce him than in X-Men: Apocalypse. With the mystery of this character surrounded by the fact that he comes from the future, and continuously comes back to the X-Men's present to help them change the future. This has already been suggested in DOFP, so there's no problem with doing it again for Cable. He could be coming back to try and help the X-Men defeat Apocalypse, but may in fact create the future he exist in. Therefore, he himself could already have created the setting they could use for X-Force.

With so many characters connected to this great villain, there was no way that Fox could ignore Apocalypse forever. And now that they're finally going to bring him in, there's no telling where his character could take the X-Men. We'll just have to wait and see what's in store for Apocalypse.

X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters on May 27, 2016


What will come from Apocalypse's reign?

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