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There is a lot of hype and expectation for Gareth Edwards new film that reboots one of pop culture’s greatest monsters, Godzilla. The Poster Posse did two great sets of tribute art for the film, (HERE and HERE) and now Insight Editions is releasing a book that coincides with the release of the film and documents the making of the Legendary and Warner Bros. movie in grand style.

Written by New York Times best-selling author, Mark Cotta Vas the book begins with an introduction by the film’s director, Gareth Edwards. The book is then broken up into 3 distinct sections: “DREAMING”, “CONJURING”, and “CREATION.” Each section is then broken down into chapters like: “Primal Sounds”, “The Inner Sanctum”, “Smoke and Shadow”, and “Monster Bloodbath”, just to name a few.

Loaded with unseen concept art, story boards, sketches and detailed descriptions of each stage in creating the Godzilla landscape, this book is a must-have for fans of the Toho legend, the movie making process or simply those of you who just appreciate “awesome.”

There is a spectacular twelve-page “Monster Gatefold” that shows the evolution of Godzilla. They represent the early stages of the [Godzilla](movie:45291) design process and Edwards comments on each one giving fans some insight on what was good and bad with each version.


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