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Tryst Red

I'm not one to normally like outrageous, raunchy comedies, but this is by far the best I've ever seen. This fast passed movie is out of control and hilarious.

Seth Rogen is known for his vulgar comedies, and flawlessly entertains us yet again with this insanely funny film. Not only is this film crudely entertaining, it also includes some underline themes, such as moving on from your younger self, responsibility, and adulthood. All the characters are round in development and come off very interesting.

Director Nicholas Stoller, and Seth Rogen really excelled with this one, and certainly gave it that extra push we all wanted in a comedy. Receiving 7.3 thus far, and visually entertaining, packed with dirty jokes, life lessons, and plenty of raves; [Neighbors](movie:401406) is the perfect film to see if you are looking for a crudely humorous film with subtle life lessons.

Also, you have to admit, Seth and Zac do make a great pair!


What is your favorite raunchy Seth Rogen film?


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