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Dean Pagliaroli III

RED RANGER/Matthew Gray Gubler

I think Gubler could give an interesting take on a character who was played as an athlete. He can play him as a more modern leader with wit and intellect similar to his character on Criminal Minds.


Again, it would be a new take on an otherwise jocky character. He can be a co-leader and equal Gubler's wit.

PINK LEADER/Milana Vayntrub

She is a very funny unknown actress who as of now is best known for her AT&T connercials. I feel having seen some of her works she could play the character as a funnier woman.


Dehaan is an incredibly talented actor and could play Blue very similarly to how he was on the show, while adding a newer twist.


She's very talented, and has gained notoriety in recent years. She proves she can take control of a situation as Stu's wife in the last 2 hangover films.

BLACK RANGER/Donald Glover

Donald Glover has been up for Spider-Man for years now, I think this would be a different choice, as he can play a funny, yet serious character in preparation for Spider-Man.

ZORDON/Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins has a very powerful voice, he can easily portray a character who you only see the face of, and has an echoing voice.

ALPHA 5/Jim Parsons

Sheldon Cooper is pretty much a robot so it wouldn't be much of a stretch.

LORD ZEDD/Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall is an incredibly intense person on screen, that would translate greatly into Lord Zedd.


She is a talented actress known for playing a very badass undead fighter, she could translate the badassness into a villainous character and still be great.

Feel Free to leave your own choices in comments.


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