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Indie filmmaker Peter Dukes has built himeslf quite a treasure trove of short films. As a horror fan, I chose to watch The Beast first. The Beast is an awarad winning horror short that is a throwback to old fashioned horror. Three men go into the woods on the night of a full moon. One of these men is a werewolf and the other two men have completely different ideas of how he should be dealt with. Despite it's small budget, The Beast is a beautifully shot film with an outstanding music score. The music consistently sets the correct tone for the story as it moves along. All of the actors are perfection and in a mere 10 minutes, you become invested in them and their ultimate fates. The Beast is simply a delightful, little morsel of horror.

This short film is just a taste of the magic being made over at Dream Seekers Productions. There are currently 16 projects for you to peruse over at their official website.

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