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Here's part two of my best horror movie theme song list. In case you missed part one, read it here!

20) The Omen Theme. "Look at me Damien, it's all for you!"

19) Theme from Candyman. " It was always you, Helen"

18) You're Next Theme - " Looking For Magic"

17) Suspiria Theme. Now this is a... pretty one?

16) 28 Days Later Theme.

15) A Nightmare On Elm Street original theme song! A classic instantly recognizable one, and of course I need to mention the chilling ' One, two' song used in all of the Elm St movies!

14) Phantasm Theme Song. The reason I love this one so much is because it's simple, yet beautiful!

13) Puppet Master theme. What I like about this one is the wide range of instruments used. It has that kind of 'creepy circus' feel to it!

12) Friday The 13th Original Theme. A great mix of brass and string instruments, this fast paced theme is one of those classics that just about every horror fan will recognize.

The theme to the 2009 remake was also pretty cool, but certainly not as chilling as the original! I've added it anyway, just because I can...

11) Child's Play Theme.

Now I know it isn't the main theme, but Bride of Chucky has a pretty kickass soundtrack too! Gotta love the opening titles song 'Living Dead Girl'

I could make a part 3,4,5, list of the top horror theme songs, but I'm going to resist the urge and stop at 2! I have, however added some honorable mentions.


Children Of The Corn



Dawn Of The Dead Theme

And now I know these next 2 aren't from movies, but I had to include them anyway!

Dexter TV Theme

The Walking Dead TV Theme

Thanks for reading my article! Again in case you missed it, follow the link below to see part 1! :D,manual#!OrtUm


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