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Due to the (sort of) reveal of Ben Affleck's Batmobile, I'm ranking all the cinematic Batmobiles from worst to first. Only live action portrayals of the bat themed vehicle will be appearing. None from video games, or cartoons (not even the one from the awesome 90's animated series). Also, I'm only including the tumbler from The Dark Knight. No "Batcycle" or "The Bat". And if you disagree with my list then GO MAKE YOUR OWN! Or just complain profusely about it in the comments. Whichever one. No, but in all seriousness, leave your opinions and thoughts in the comments. I want to know what you guys think, and I care about your opinions... a little.


There's too much going on with this one. I'm trying to avoid a seizure as I write this. It looks like it could turn into the Autobot that Megatron ripped in half at the end of the first Transformers. You remember Jazz? The transformer who... Never mind, you get the idea. It looks like who ever designed it kept adding stuff and adding stuff then couldn't stop until it was too late. 5/10

The Classic

Ask any kid born after 2000 and they won't even recognize this car as the Batmobile. While it is stylin' and profilin', any villain and their grandma could literally pull up to Batman at a red light, pull out a gun, and equalize this fool! Couldn't be saying that about the tumbler. In conclusion, It's outdated, but you got to love the classics! 6/10

The Tumbler

The twitter! I mean the facebook! I mean the Tumblr! No, that's still not right. We aren't talking about a social media cite, we're talking about the Dark Knight's ride! It's cool because it bashes and smashes and blows stuff up, and it really worked for Nolan's "realistic" Batman movies. However, Batman is a hero with a lot of swag, and this car isn't exactly easy on the eyes. How is Bruce Wayne driving a Lambo around in the day but his his alter ego is driving a lumpy tank around at night? This would have been cool to coincide with a sleek designed Burton-ish Batmobile. The Dark Knight trilogy is awesome, but stop acting like Nolan did no wrong! Only a 6.5/10.

I would have preferred this!
I would have preferred this!

Burton's Batmobile

Now this looks like a billionaire superhero's whip! It's universally accepted as the Batmobile because it revolutionized Batman's car and made it a pop culture icon. I mean, who doesn't want to drive around in this version of the Batmobile? Plus, it's fast... Like real fast... Like it makes fast cars look NOT fast. 8/10

The "Batman and Robin" Mobile

Hmmm... Maybe this movie got something right at after all. This Batmobile is f%* awesome! It's sleek, shiny, and looks like an acid trip is going on inside it. In short, this Batmobile is the tits! Now if only we could forget the actual Bat-tits in the movie! If the movie wasn't such garbage maybe this Batmobile would get a little more respect! 9/10


"Batman Vs. Superman" Mobile

Good, there's no nipples on this suit.
Good, there's no nipples on this suit.

Yes sir! This is what we've all been waiting for! Its like the Tumbler and Burton's Batmobile had a love child! It has the flat black armor coat, but it's still sleek and aerodynamic looking. It's so sexy I just want to kiss it! Can't wait to see what tricks this bad boy has up its sleeve in Summer 2016. 10/10


What do YOU think?


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