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This month's fan art seems to be devoted to destroying innocence and purity. Good Star Wars Characters go bad. Clone Troopers get Marvel superhero recruits. And now from the twisted mind of Dan Luvisi, there are truly haunting pictures of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald going demonic, the Muppets breaking bad, and the Simpsons going GTO gangster and Pulp Fiction. You won't believe the evilness of Eve from Wall-E, or the sheer remorselessness in Tigger's mug shot after pulling the trigger on the Pooh gang. This is a scary rogue's gallery

Luvisi purpose is to show "childhood characters, re-imagined through the twisted culture of Hollywood and its corruptive ways", according to a statement on his blog. Be sure to read the even weirder reason for all the crime and evil in the back stories he creates for each character.

The paintings are also part of a book project called "Popped Culture" that he is compiling with his friend Alex Konstad.

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Mickey the Prince of Darknes

Minnie, the Queen of Mean

Bad Dog Goofy

Donald Goes Quackers

Stitch Goes Fritz

Eve is just mean

Did Tigger really pull the trigger?

Wreck it Ralph becomes a street fighter

Yoshi goes toasty

Jake the Snake just hates

Mike Wazowski needs a dime and some shine

Homer Simpson Goes GTO

Homer Gets a Lenny and Carl job

Homer is driven

Kermit After the Drive

No Country for old Muppets

Bert and Ernie Midnight Cowboys

The real Cookie Monster


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