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I just finished watching the Season 2 Finale of Arrow on VUDU and I have to say they ended Slade's Arc very nicely. As I watched the episode and the mini-plots that had developed over the last one to two seasons finally came to a close I found myself remembering the extended trailer for the new Flash Show that will be premiering next season on the CW as well. If you haven't seen it yet, there is at least one scene of Arrow talking to Barry Allen in it. So, to me that means that those two shows as well as whatever other characters the CW brings to TV will be doing crossover episodes from time to time like they do/did on the different iterations of CSI and Law & Order. I think that will help keep the DC shows on air if the writers and producers don't screw it up. With that being said Here is my list of 5 plot devices I think they will use or at least hint at next season on [Arrow](series:720988):

5. Roy Harper will finally become a full-fledged member of the team as Red Arrow since he (Slade and everyone else) is now cured of the Mirakuru and is in control of his mind once again. (In my Opinion I don't think either he or Slade are actually cured, but that the Mirakuru is just in status in their bodies).

4. Thea Queen will be gone most of the season training with her father (Malcolm Merlyn) in order to fight against Oliver and Roy, but when all is said and done she will be a Heroine going by the name of Speedy (Due not to drug usage, but to the speed in which she was able to understand and implement her training).

3. Detective Lance will either have to quit the force, be pushed into a desk job, or Die (depending on when his contract expires). I say this because of the last scenes that were shown of him and Laurel toward the end of the show. Due in part to whatever they decide to do with his character as well as the other events that have transpired in the last two years Laurel will be forced to come to a decision as to what direction she will take in her own life.

2. After the revelation that his ex-wife is pregnant with his child, John Diggle will cut back on the time he spends with the team and start spending more time with Lyla to help protect her during her pregnancy and may even try to leave team arrow all together (I don't think that will happen unless his contract is up and they don't agree on new terms). I think Lyla will want him to stay with the team and may even lie pretending someone else is the baby's father in order to get him to go back to/stay with the team.

1. Felicity and Oliver will grow closer to each other as the season continues on and Laurel (in my opinion) trains to become a member of the team similar to how they portrayed Roy this year. If Emily Bett Rickards contract is going to be up then I think that they will go the route of the Amazing Spiderman having She & Oliver become a couple just before killing her off. Laurel can then not only finish her training to become the Black Canary, but also will be Oliver's Lover again bringing them full circle.

There you have them folks, 5 predictions of plot/character developments I believe will either happen or be teased/start in season 3 of Arrow. What do you think? Are any of these plots going to happen, if so which ones? Let me know in the comments below and as always follow me on [email protected] if you like.


Which of these plots would you most like to see on Season 3 of Arrow?


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