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Could this delay filming...

Just as the first clapper hit twitter, there now appears to be a legal dispute which has spilled into the high courts that could possibly delay the filming of Star Wars: Episode VII.

High Court in London
High Court in London

A casting agency based in the United Kingdom, called "Mad Dog Casting", has filed papers in the High Court of London against their former employee Eleanor McLaughlin in the amount of two hundred & fifty thousand pounds (about $405,000.00 in US dollars). They claim after she quit the firm and started her own casting company, she begun directly competing for the Star Wars Episode 7 extras contract valued at 1 million pounds (about $1.4 million in US dollars). A contract that Mad Dog claim they already had mature negotiations in to provide extras for crowd scenes that involve aliens and other creatures.

MAD DOG Casting
MAD DOG Casting

The firm accuses Miss McLaughlin, whose film credits include the latest James Bond movie Skyfall, Pirates of the Caribbean and World War Z, of stealing the personal details of thousands of extras from its database. Could this delay the filming process? Source:


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