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This is the first part of my series which compares 2 superheros' personality, common traits, distinguished habits and achievement in media etc.

Due to recent release of [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) and the trailer of CW's The Flash, I chose them for the first comparison.

1. Character Development: Flash 8/10 - Spidey 8/10

Both of them have got quite bizarre origin stories; Flash got lightspeed fast due to some chemicals and lightning; Peter Parker became Spider-man due to the bite of a genetically enhanced spider. Both involve accidents and quite unrelatable explanations for their metahuman abilities. But then we like unrelatable things more.

2. Popularity: Flash 8/10 - Spidey 10/10

Here spidey has got the upper hand and the reason is his starring in 5 movies and numerous TV shows. Spidey to Marvel is what Batman is to DC. Before Iron Man, Spider-man was Marvel's ace of spades. But Flash is not that popular. Except for a couple of animated TV series and the forthcoming live action series, he has not got much attention, although DC fans worship him. Thr reason being DC and WB's blind faith in Batman and Superman. But things can always change.

3. Torchbearers: Flash 8/10 - Spidey 8.5/10

So far we have seen Toby McGuire(is the spelling correct?) and Andrew Garfield on big screen as Spider-man and both have got positive response and appreciation. Also, I feel Andrew Garfield is better due to his more Peter Parker like physique, age and comic timing. For the very same reasons, Grant Gustin as Flash in the CW series is perfect. I always wanted a young man to play Flash and now there is Grant Gustin.

4. Innovation: Flash 9.5/10 - Spidey: 9/10

Flash wins due to his secondary abilities like generating tornadoes from running or from various body parts, time travel and passing through objects while spidey can shoot webs and has spidey sense. These powers may be great but nothing matches time travel. Also, Flash is the main character in the much appreciated Flashpoint storyline while spider-man never had a main role in any storyline involving whole

5. Respect: Flash 10/10 - Spidey 6/10

Flash is the founding member of the Justice League and is respected by most of the people around whereas spider-man is disrespected time to time by J. Jonah Jameson. Also, people around him have a mixed opinion about him. He may have joined avengers at some point but can never become a prominent member. He is more of a sarcastic joke.

6. Partners: Flash 9.5/10 - Spidey 7.5/10

Flash(Barry Allen) has got Kid Flash(Wally West), Impulse(Bart Allen), Jay Garrick and the whole justice league with him. Also, most of his nemesis except Zoom never stand a chance. At times, Spider-man has to fight 6 villains at once(Sinister Six) and most of the time he loses someone close. The most recent example being Gwen Stacy in the recent movie. Also, people rarely bother to help. He remains happy alone.

Here somehow Flash wins(sorry marvel and spidy fans) due to his total score being 54/60 while Spider-man scores 49/60. Don't be surprised. We consider things other than movies here


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