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After seeing the new take on the King of Monsters Friday night in 3D, I decided to make my own article of everything they did right. Granted it wasn't as long as I hoped it would be, but Edwards did a fantastic job. If you have not seen the film....(SPOILERS)

The movie starts out in Japan. That's great because that's where [Godzilla](movie:45291) was born originally. A new and dangerous threat causes death and destruction on Godzilla's home turf. They mention in the film that he is an alpha predator and is nature's way of bringing nature to balance if hell breaks loose. Similar to the original Godzilla films. he fights other monsters to protect the earth and to save himself. The Army is confused in either killing Godzilla along with the other monsters or letting Godzilla live to fight another day. Once again like in the older films, the military sided with Godzilla to bring down the other foes. Godzilla has a "human connection" many times in the new film I saw him protect the civilians, saving the kids on the bridge, and towards the end saving Ford before being killed by the female Muto. In the original films, Godzilla stayed away from the humans while fighting on land far from the city or fought in the city after evacuating the people. They did that in this film, the Mutos caused the most death, but Godzilla fought to protect Earth and the people. this was his territory end he wasn't going to let someone else take it.

Though Godzilla did have his rein of terror back in 1954 which was also mentioned in the film, and how they tried to kill him. After years of slumber and hiding he comes out of the woodwork to stop the alien threat. Just like in the older films, the alien monsters would cause destruction and he would come out of the ocean kick some ass and call it a day. Granted it took him a while get there and the bad monster had its fun already, but he still stopped the threat. With the original films, Godzilla would fight Gigan, MechaGodzilla, Rodan, Mothra, etc. They teased that in the this film. there was a fish tank filled with cocoons an a tag on the tank spelled "Mothra" a hint to a classic Foe and Allie. Bringing in that hint or cameo gave fans hope that this will be true to the story and possible fights with classic monsters in the future.

At the end of the film where Godzilla uses his atomic breath and all its glory to finish off the Mutos. Fans really got excited to see the true king emerge from the shadows and uses the weapon we all loved. With an epic kill scene with the female Muto getting fried by Godzilla's atomic breath had a sort of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" feel for me. When Indy shoots the sword spinning bandit instead of having a fight scene with him. Granted Ford was sick during the shoot. But in Godzilla it was like he had enough of that shit and finished the Muto. Godzilla passes out and presumed dead on shore. The next day crews are examining him, and clearing debris. Godzilla's eyes open up as he lays there. They don't attack him, he then gets up and is walking back to the ocean and dives under water. At the end the news stations and media call him the "King of Monsters". After all he did just save Earth. Similar to the original movies, after the fight ended he would go back into the ocean and head home leaving Tokyo or whatever city to clean up and prepare for another battle whenever it would come. In my conclusion Godzilla by Gareth Edwards is a true Godzilla movie, and redeems the franchise.


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