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On my post about Spidey Villians we CRAVE there was a poll and one of the answers was "need more sidekicks", so I thought I would make this lovely list! We've been gifted with great Spider-man villains and his girlfriends, but where is all his "sidekicks"? The reason I put "sidekicks" in quotation, is because they're more of people who are know for working along side the web-slinger. So who should be helping Spidey in the upcoming Marc Webb movies?

Miles Morales

This is an actual sidekick to Spider-man. Miles Morales is from a parallel universe, where Peter Parker was killed by the Green Goblin. Also bitten by the same spider that bit Peter, he became the new Spider-man of the parallel universe. Then there universes meet and they fought side by side.

I know what your thinking, "that's a lot going on". And it very well is, Marc Webb would have a tough time pulling this kind of story off. But, hey, if he did I would be the first in the movie theater. It would be awesome to see a young Spider-man fight crime with the real Spider-man! All the money that Marc Webb would get!


Abner Jenkins built a flying suit and became the CRIMINAL known as Beetle. But, after meeting with Spider-man and fighting him, he turned to the good side. One of Spider-man's most powerful "sidekicks", he has INCREDIBLE intelligence, strength, speed, durability, energy, and a skilled fighter. He is more of a less advanced, but better fighting Iron Man. His back story isn't as complicated as Miles, but Marc Webb could easy pull him off and I think audiences would love to see him.


I know shocking right! One of the few symbiotes to actually fight good (even thought this guy is scary as f**k)! After the symbiote left Carnage, it bonded with police officer Patrick Mulligan. Pat has a good nature, so he used the symbiote to do good! Now if Sony is planning on making that Venom spin-off, that would be a great way to introduce Patrick Mulligan. Then in way later movies, he can then become Toxin. But, I highly doubt he will be in a film, but I CAN DREAM!

Flash Thompson/Venom

The school bully. Used to pick on Peter in Midtown High School, but was obsessed with Spider-man (not knowing Peter was Spider-man). After high school he served several tours in the U.S. Army and ultimately losing his legs. But, thanks to a government experiment, he got his mobility back by becoming the new host to the Venom symbiote. But, used the evil Venom symbiote for good this time, helping Spider-man in need. He only can wear the suit for 48 hours to prevent it from taking over his body (like it did to Eddie Brock the original Venom).

Flash was already in TASM, and after that Venom spin-off maybe, just maybe we could see Flash become Venom. It was already rumored to happen, but the likely hood is not high. Higher than Toxin, but I doubt it would happen, even though it would be totally radical!!

I know I left some out, so below I have some "sidekicks" that deserve to be mentioned.

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Moon Knight

Luke Cage

Scarlet Spider

Cloak and Dagger

Black Cat

She was already in TASM 2 if you missed it :) 
She was already in TASM 2 if you missed it :) 



Which Spidey "sidekick" should Marc Webb put in his movies?


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