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Challenging the concept that art should be neither perishable nor edible are these pieces from artistic chef de cuisine and master illustrator Nadia Luongo, aka Nadien Ska. Among her most delectable confections are Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche in a scene from Chocolat made from chocolate of course; a delightfully strained, drained, puree and drawn that way Jessica Rabbit made from strawberry sauce; a milk drawn Alex from A Clockwork Orange and Mick Jagger made from "Brown Sugar". Luongo, who lives in Naples, Italy, is a life long finicky eater who decided to stop playing with her food and create something great with it instead.

You can see more of Luongo's food art at her deviantart page.

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Michael Clarke Duncan

Laurel and Hardy (Salt and Oil)

Mickey Mouse (Coffee)

Audrey Hepburn (Black Chocolate Cream)

The Pink Panther (Strawberry Yogurt)

Jessica Rabbit (Strawberry Sauce)

Never Ending Story (Banana)

Casper (Vanilla Yogurt)

Chocolat (Dark Chocolate)

Darth Vader (Coffee)

Amelie (Custard Sauce)

A Nightmare Before Christmas (Apple and Pear)

Marilyn Monroe (Pasta and Balsamic Vinegar Cream)

Ghost Busters (yogurt and strawberry sauce)

Yoda (Kiwi)

Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka (Nutella)

Mick Jagger (Brown Sugar)

Alex from A Clockwork Orange (Milk)

Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter (black tea on table)


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