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Part 3 out of my "CRAVE" series (First was Spidey Villains we CRAVE: Second was Spidey "Sidekicks" we CRAVE:

I've decided that I shouldn't always write about the MCU, I should start worrying about the DCU! And what better way than to start with my personal favorite: BATMAN! He has the best villains, but some are missing! This is a list of some Dark Knight villains who need to be in a movie!

Black Mask

Roman Sionis. Literally dropped on his head when he was born, he was born into a wealthy, but unloving family. Also he was attacked by a rabid raccoon. Then he murdered his own parents and took all their money. This guy as you can tell had a great life! He took his father's casket and carved a mask out of it and becoming Black Mask!

Now that you know a little more on this poor man, let's talk business. This is a major villain to Batman, but never got his popularity. Finally, when Arkham Origins came out, everyone wants him to be in a movie! He is ruthless, smart, skilled marksman and just plain bad-ass. I think he would do great in the TV show Gotham because it's based on crime and he is a major crime lord! My first pick for a new villain for Batman!

Harley Quinn

I don't know how many people want this psycho b*tch to be in a movie, but I can guess a TON of people want her. Actually first appearing on Batman: The Animated Series, Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, worked in Arkham until she meet the Joker and fell in love. She quit her job and joined the Joker being his girlfriend.

Why do people like me want her on the big screen (or TV)? She is a MEGA BAD A**! She is a ninja and a total serial killer. She has amazing stories in the comics and is one of Batman's major villains as well. She was suppose to be in Batman and Robin 2, being played by Madonna...but we know what happened. Anyway, she is destined to be in a Batman movie!


Some of you may know I have a great love for Deathstroke.....and you guys should too! Slade Wilson, a mercenary and assassin he is the arch-enemy of the Teen Titans. And just for the record Deadpool came after him, I'm saying this because there so similar! Deadpool's name is Wade Wilson! Anyways, he is nicknamed the Terminator because he freaking terminates everyone and everything! He was in the Vietnam War in the My Lai Massacre, then was experimented on by the U.S. government, then became Deathstroke.

He was very popular, but not like Joker popular. Until, when Arkham Origins came out and he was a totally bada**! Black Mask and him would be my top picks for a new Bats villain. Black Mask can have the resources and Deathstroke can slice people's heads off! That would be a great movie!

As usual, below are some other villains that I would love to see in a Batman movie in the future!

Thank's for reading and don't forget to comment and take the poll!


Killer Croc


Hugo Strange

Killer Moth

Mad Hatter


Which Batman villain do you CRAVE?

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