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For those of you unfamiliar with him, He is the Anti-Hero of a series of books written by Michael Moorcock. Last Ruler of the Dragon Isles, Wielder of the Hell Sword known as "Stormbringer"...Stealer of Souls.

And, He is overdue for a movie to be made about him. When I saw Hellboy II a few years back, I thought the Prince in that movie was a rip-off of Elric entirely. So much so, I wondered why Guillermo del Toro doesn't make an Elric of Melnibone movie. Luke Goss, the actor that played him would have been perfect in that role.

The six book series could be consolidated into a working Trilogy of Movies. I'm thinking- I Elric of Melnibone, II Sailor on the Seas of Fate and III Stormbringer would be the third. The saga would follow the young albino Prince and his exile from the throne, his quest to find Stormbringer and finally his epic battle against the Chaos minions of the Dark Lord Arioch.

The sword he wields; Stormbringer, is an ancient Black Two Handed Sword forged by the Chaos Lords that drains the souls out of those it strikes, giving Elric its' power. The sword is as much a character in this tale as Elric.


Hopefully some movie company will pick up the rights and run with this. Recent movies like The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The HBO series Game of Thrones and The upcoming Legend of Conan show that the public still loves their Sword & Sorcery.

So what do you think?


Should They make an Elric Movie?


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